US Congressman Proposes Bill to Halt Congressional Stock Trading

Jonathan Stoker Dec 14, 2023, 19:45pm 35 views

US Congressman Proposes Bill to Halt Congressional Stock Trading

US Congressman Ro Khanna Proposes a Bill to Prohibit Stock Trading in Congress

Representative Ro Khanna has formally presented a bill that seeks to prohibit stock trading by members of the Congress and their spouses. This legislation comes following its first recommendation in September. Khanna elaborated on the bill's five key points via a post on X, formerly known as Twitter.

Main Points of the Proposed Legislation

Khanna's five main points include not only the prohibition of stock trading by Congress members and their spouses, but also the banning of donations from lobbyists and Political Action Committees (PACs). Moreover, it aims to prevent members of Congress from transitioning into lobbyists.

An Update on the Bill to Ban Stock Trading in Congress

In the past year, the US government has been striving to propose bills that disrupt the existing norm of elected officials. The landmark proposal seeking to place checks on certain stock trading activities of elected officials is one such example. Now, this bill has progressed further.

More specifically, Congressman Ro Khanna has officially introduced a bill to prohibit stock trading in Congress. This proposed legislation comprises of five points, which include preventing members of Congress and their spouses from trading in stocks. Further, it proposes implementing new term restrictions and modifying lobbyist activities.

Additional Points of the Proposed Legislation

In his proposed bill, Khanna primarily aims to eliminate stock trading by members of Congress. He also seeks to ban donations from PACs and lobbyists and to prevent former members of Congress from becoming lobbyists.

Furthermore, Khanna's bill plans to establish term limits for both Congress and the Supreme Court. It also proposes a resolution to implement a code of ethics in the Supreme Court. Ultimately, Khanna expects this bill to significantly help in cleaning up the corruption in Congress.

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