Trump Promises to Oust FED Chair Powell If Victorious in 2024 Elections

Jonathan Stoker Feb 02, 2024, 19:50pm 124 views

Trump Promises to Oust FED Chair Powell If Victorious in 2024 Elections

Donald Trump Intends to Dismiss Jerome Powell as Federal Reserve Chair if Re-elected in 2024

In a recent dialogue with Fox Business, former President Donald Trump declared his intention to remove Jerome Powell from his position as Federal Reserve Chair, should he win the presidential election in 2024.

The Possibility of New Fed Chairman Appointment

Further into the conversation, Trump stated he has various ideal candidates he would consider for the Fed Chair position, however, he chose not to disclose these during the interview. As inquiries about the possible re-appointment of the present Chair came up, Trump expressed his belief that Powell's actions have been largely political.

Jerome Powell's Tenure

Powell, who has held the role since 2018, is the 16th Chair in the history of the agency. Intriguingly, it was Trump who nominated Powell in 2017, to take over from Janet Yellen.

Trump Criticizes Current State of the Country

The 2024 presidential election race has proven to be crucial, given the delicate economic condition of the country and escalating geopolitical tensions. Donald Trump, as a leading contender for the Republican nomination, has been vocal about his views on the country's current situation.

Trump's Stance on the Federal Reserve

During a discussion about the Federal Reserve, Trump confirmed his intent to dismiss the current Fed Chair, Jerome Powell, if he is elected President in 2024.

Interview with Fox Business

In an interview with Fox Business, Trump was direct with his criticisms of Powell, suggesting that Powell may be making decisions to favor Democrats. He further commented, "It appears he's trying to lower interest rates with the potential aim of influencing election results. I don't know.

A Different Direction for the Federal Reserve

Trump expressed his disinterest in re-appointing Powell, indicating that he would opt for a different direction. It's important to note that the Federal Reserve is currently battling persistent inflation. There are widespread predictions that Central Bank officials will decrease interest rates in the coming months, following a year of continual tightening.

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