Spot ETFs Launch: A Potential Solution for Bitcoin's Volatility

Jonathan Stoker Jan 31, 2024, 18:20pm 37 views

Spot ETFs Launch: A Potential Solution for Bitcoin's Volatility

Bitcoin's Success and the Rise of New Trading Infrastructures

The progression of BitcoinBitcoin$42,260 -0.64%'s success is largely attributed to the development of new trading infrastructures and investment strategies that open opportunities for new investors. This advancement is emphasized with the latest introduction of spot Bitcoin Exchange Traded Funds (BTC ETFs). While these significant changes are generally overlooked beyond the spheres of liquidity providers and trading desks, they are set to bring transformative impacts on the Bitcoin market structure.

Reduced Volatility in a Maturing Market

As the market structure matures, a decrease in inherent volatility can be anticipated. This section explores how two key shifts associated with the introduction of spot ETFs are likely to expedite this evolution.

ETF Fix as a Market Price Reference?

ETF launches have brought about a significant rise in the underlying spot BTC trading volumes. A large fraction of this volume increase, notably, has occurred between 3 p.m. and 4 p.m. ET, aligning closely with the ETF price fix. This correlation offers a reliable and consistent reference point by increasing market participants, enabling investors to consolidate large trades at a common time, thereby reducing their market impact and overall market volatility.

A Potential New Options Market for ETFs?

All three exchanges that presently list spot BTC ETFs have sought the SEC's permission to list options on such ETFs. The Bitcoin options market is set for a major uplift if this new category of options gets approved. An expanded options market, based on spot BTC ETFs, could go beyond the existing markets, thereby significantly enlargening the Bitcoin options market.

Despite the remarkable growth shown in the previous year, the BTC options market is projected to gain even more significance in 2024. A well-developed options market can lead to lower volatility, offering investors the possibility to express a wider range of investment strategies and make the most liquid ETFs even more liquid.

The Impact of the ETF Legacy on the Bitcoin Revolution

It's thrilling to witness the impact of the ETF revolution on the bitcoin market. The introduction of spot BTC ETFs has sparked an increase in investor participation, possibly mirroring the gold ETF launch in the early 2000s.

Spot bitcoin ETFs have achieved over $1.5 billion daily trading volume just two weeks post-launch. This volume represents approximately 20% of Bitcoin's spot market trades on an active day. As the innovation in crypto ETFs persists, traders anticipate a continuation of ETF-related trading activity, which in turn, is expected to subdue Bitcoin's volatility and contribute to the maturation of this emerging asset class.

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