Polygon zkEVM Integrates Chainlink Data Feeds: A Deep Dive

Jonathan Stoker Dec 14, 2023, 21:20pm 52 views

Polygon zkEVM Integrates Chainlink Data Feeds: A Deep Dive

Chainlink's Blockchain Data-Oracle Project Now Available to Developers Using Polygon's Layer 2 Zero-Knowledge Rollup

ChainlinkChainlink$15.6 -4.61%, known for its blockchain data-oracle project, has now made its data feeds accessible to developers utilizing PolygonPolygon$0.967 -3.65%'s layer 2 zero-knowledge rollup. These data feeds play a critical role in connecting smart contracts to real-world data. This includes diverse factors such as asset prices, reserve balances, NFT floor prices and L2 sequencer health.

Applications on Polygon's zkEVM to Incorporate Chainlink's Data Feeds

Developers who are building on Polygon's zkEVM will have the opportunity to integrate these data feeds into their on-chain applications. This includes decentralized exchanges and liquidity protocols.

Unlocking the Deployment of Several Significant DeFi Protocols

The integration of Chainlink's data feeds is anticipated to unlock the deployment of a number of significant DeFi protocols on Polygon's zkEVM early in the coming year. This information was shared by Marc Borion, the CEO of Polygon Labs.

In related news, Chainlink's data feeds have also gone live on Celo, further expanding the reach and utility of these important data sources within the world of blockchain and decentralized finance.

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