Over 500 Firms Use Ripple's XRP: Potential to Reach $1 Value?

Jonathan Stoker Nov 30, 2023, 23:50pm 109 views

Over 500 Firms Use Ripple's XRP: Potential to Reach $1 Value?

Ripple's APAC Vice President Reveals More than 500 Partnerships

XRP's Potential Rally to $1.88

Murray strongly advocates for the utility of Ripple's technology. From inception, Ripple has centered its focus on establishing a clear use case for its technology - payments. The XRP ledger, she reiterated, is designed purposefully for payment services.

Prospects of XRP Token Rallying to $1

One factor that often propels the value of an asset is the level of institutional adoption. With over 500 companies already leveraging its services, Ripple is expected to witness an increase in this number in the coming years. This could potentially trigger a surge in the price of the XRP token.

Ripple, in its legal tussle with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), scored a partial win. A US court declared that the sale of XRP to retail investors did not infringe upon securities law. Combined with the 'non-security' tag and swelling adoption, XRP's price could be poised to reach new peaks.

Possibility of XRP Surging to $3 by 2024

Fuelling speculation of a price surge is a prediction by OpenAI's ChatGPT chatbot, which suggests that Ripple's XRP could reach $3 in 2024. The bot cites Ripple's triumph in its legal face-off with SEC and the potential for a bull run in 2024 as plausible grounds for an XRP rally.

Performance of Ripple's XRP

Despite witnessing a 1.6% and 7.5% correction in the last 24 hours and 14 days respectively, Ripple's XRP has experienced over 77% growth since the start of the year. In the event of a bull run in 2024, XRP could potentially exceed its highest-ever price of $3.40, a milestone it reached in January 2018.

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