February 2024 Forecast: Top 3 Cryptocurrencies on the Radar

Jonathan Stoker Feb 01, 2024, 08:50am 87 views

February 2024 Forecast: Top 3 Cryptocurrencies on the Radar

Cryptocurrency Market Forecasts for February 2024

The year kicked off on a positive note in the cryptocurrency market, with BitcoinBitcoin$42,260 -0.64% hitting a high of $48,000 in January while EthereumEthereum$2,315 -2.42% closely followed, peaking near $2,700. These figures fuelled optimistic views that the markets could potentially incite a rally. The approval of the Bitcoin ETF by the SEC also played a significant part as it attracted new, large-scale investments from global financial institutions. As such, the cryptocurrency industry started the year on a high note, raising hopes among investors regarding potential price surges.

Potential Bull Run in the Cryptocurrency Markets

Given the recent developments, this post deliberates on the potential of a cryptocurrency bull run in February 2024. Let's focus on the top three cryptocurrencies that are worth keeping an eye on this month as they could generate significant profits.

Top 3 Cryptocurrencies to Watch in February 2024

Although Bitcoin, the quintessential cryptocurrency, experienced a decrease from $48,000 to $42,000, it continues to hold its resistance level. The performance of Bitcoin improved notably on the charts when the US stock market experienced instability due to the Red Sea crisis in mid-January. There is potential for Bitcoin to see another surge if financial institutions decide to reinvest in the cryptocurrency. It is recommended for investors to extract investments once Bitcoin reaches around the $45,000 mark, thereby securing profits.

Ethereum's Potential Performance

Ethereum is known for its correlation with Bitcoin and could potentially yield similar returns. Historically, both Bitcoin and Ethereum have performed well in February, a trend that could continue in 2024. The cryptocurrency market maintains a strong position, breaking new resistance levels weekly. As such, Ethereum could see a price surge this month. Investors are advised to initiate profit bookings as Ethereum climbs the charts.

The Position of SHIB

The popular meme coin, SHIB, is currently trading with five 'zeroes', offering a higher possibility of dropping a 'zero' this month. The Shibarium layer-2 network could incinerate a series of SHIB tokens, which might drive its price up in the indices. However, it's essential to note that such an upward trajectory might be short-lived, as SHIB could undergo a downturn after the burns. Consequently, investors are advised to sell the token once it reaches four 'zeroes'.

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